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The ideal beginner's slackline: multi-functional, pleasant to walk on, easy to string.

Sturdy ratchet (5t) with sewn-in loop Two continuously adjustable tree slings with a length of 2.4 m

This 15 m long slackline with a width of 37 mm belongs to Slacktivity's top products for beginners. The slackline and the ratchet are attached to the tree by means of a karabiner and tree slings. This way the slackline ALWAYS hangs straight! No matter how experienced you are in setting up slacklines. The optimized properties of the strap and accessories guarantee ideal conditions for learning to slackline. In addition, learning static tricks and various jumps is also well possible on this line.

2 Steel carabiners
2 Tree protectors (2.5m long)
Weight: 3,4 kg

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