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The set for ambitious slackliners, if you also want to try out longer distances. The line is also excellent for jumping or waterlining.

30 meter length (37 mm wide) 2 robust ratchets with extra large lever (5 t) with sewn-in strap.

Application: Multifunctional line, perfect as Jumpline and (starting) longline. Thanks to the 2 ratchets this slackline can be effortlessly stretched up to 30 meters. The strong point of this line is the jumping quality. At a higher tension, the line responds very dynamically. Let this slackline catapult you to new heights. Moreover, this set is very good for the beginning longliner. With a lower preload and the maximum stretched length, a lot is asked of concentration and endurance.

2 Steplessly adjustable boomslings with a length of 2.4 meters.
2 Steel carabiners
2 Tree protectors (2.5m long)
Weight: 5.2 kg

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