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Micros, training grips
Micros, training grips
Micros, training grips
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Micros, training grips

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Small stuff for hanging off!

One of the (few) complaints Beastmaker hears about their fingerboards is that there are no really small, nasty crimps. They designed the fingerboard to be as comfy as possible to train on, which meant that they made even the smallest holds fairly rounded. To address this they have created the Micros. These tiny edges are designed to test your crimp strength to the max. They come as a set of 6 holds in 3 pairs, 10mm, 8mm, 6mm in depth. Usually really tiny holds tear the skin and are quite unpleasant to train on so they have been designed very carefully to make the profile as comfy as possible.

Of course crimping really small holds is always going to be fairly unpleasant, but they have spent a while testing various sizes of edges with various profiles and they think they have nailed it with these. They have used beech as it is a strong and hard wood which won't wear over time so the texture will remain the same session after session. It also looks lovely too! Just hanging off the 6mm edges is quite a challenge - but they will send a special prize to the first person to do a 1 armer on one! Happy hanging.

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